I never gave much thought to my hair when I was younger, as most of us don’t, but now that I’m older that’s all changed. 

The older I get the thinner and more frail my hair gets, especially because it’s baby fine. It takes longer to grow and it’s had lost a lot of the youthful shine and bounce. Since I don’t use chemicals or anything that isn’t pure on my skin or body I wasn’t sure what I could do until I read about castor oil. Yup. That’s what I said. Castor oil.

I’ve read about a lot of different ways it can be applied and used and I’ve even seen claims that you can grow or re-grow all your lost and thin hair in just a weekend, but I’m not naive either. Many sites recommend frequent castor oil hair treatments and some crazy ways of getting the oil out of your hair when it’s time, but I found a method that works really well and is easy, which I will share with you in a minute. .

I use organic castor oil, which you can buy anywhere now, including online. I buy 16-ounce bottles because they’re a better value. There is no significant information or viable evidence that supports the notion that more than two castor oil hair treatments per week will grow hair any faster, so that’s the formula I stick to and it appears to work.


I wet my hair before I apply the oil, but there isn’t a rule that says you have to – I just do because it seems easier. Use a glass dropper or the cap from the castor oil bottle to apply the oil. Part your hair in sections and use the dropper or cap to dribble the oil into the hair part then use your fingers to rub it into the scalp. Cover your whole head and all the hair including the hairline all the way around, and be sure to also put oil on the ends. Leave the oil on for at least 4 hours and up to 8  or more hours – I put a shower cap over my head and sleep on it overnight but you can just put it in a ponytail or bun and hang out – then wash out. But wait. That’s the hard part.

If you are still using store-bought shampoo then one or two good washings will get the oil out no problem. Your hair will feel thicker than usual in your hands, and you will want to use a small amount of conditioner afterword to smooth it out, as it will be more tangled than usual. If you’re using homemade shampoo or anything that doesn’t have harmful ingredients or chemicals you may have a harder time getting the oil out, but I hear that cracking a raw egg on your noggin night help. Seriously.

I’m a realist when it comes to the time and energy I put into things like washing my hair, and  have zero interest in spending a good chunk of my morning dealing with my hair. I use a  store-bought clean ingredient shampoo, which works perfectly every time with just 2 washings. Additionally, I use a store-bought clean ingredient conditioner in order to get a comb through it, and I don’t wash my hair any other day of the week – just the 2 castor oil days. In one year my hair has grown more than 7 inches and it feels over twice as thick as it ever has. Don’t just take my work for it – try it for yourself. Don’t expect immediate results though. As all good things go, they’re worth the wait.

There is a bonus! 

I don’t know about you, but after decades of plucking, threading my eyebrows and wearing false eyelashes those suckers have really thinned out too. I wore false eyelashes every day for a period of about 6 years non -stop, which literally cost my my lashes. I’m happy to report that castor oil works on lashes and eyebrows also, but not nearly as quickly as it does on hair. It’s been a little over a year now that I’ve been doing this with my brows and lashes, and I would estimate that I’m about half way back to normal with my lashes and about 1/3 the way back on my brows. I’m not complaining about that though, because it’s working, and it’s satisfying to do it without the help of anything toxic. Now I use homemade mascara and I sometimes splurge on those falsies with magnets if I want the glam look. Otherwise I just brush on some homemade mascara and go!

If you decide to try this, let me know what you think and what kind of progress you’re making.