My husband and I moved to Salem Oregon from Long Beach, CA in late 2016 because we longed for a different lifestyle. We loved Southern California, where we were both born and raised, but as we got older, we started wanting things we could never have in Los Angeles. We longed for open green space, a large piece of land where we could have backyard chickens and grow our own food, an affordable house, and most of all…seasons. Oregon offered all of that and more, so we packed our city life bags and headed out and have never looked back.

I did quite a bit of gardening in California, but its not the same as gardening in a state with seasons and an intense gardening culture. Here, spring is an event, and everyone – I mean everyone – is part of it. Gardening with seasons is a whole new experience and is difficult for newcomers to figure out, because in California, everything grows and it grows year-round, but here in Oregon there are finite seasons when specific things happen and  there is a method to the madness of tasks that must be accomplished.

Depending on where you live and your climate and zone you may be growing and planting different things than I am, but one thing I will always do is make sure everything in my garden – and in yours –  works with the little ecosystem we build to make sure we are all doing our parts in keeping things safe and organic in order to make sure the pollinators do not become extinct.

Over time I will be sharing the progression of my garden and garden projects, as well as sharing ideas and stories, as I am working to be an ambassador and role model in my neighborhood, and to lead the charge for the removal of lawns and the creating of pollinator-friendly yards as well as the banning of gas-powered garden tools. Anything that I am doing here you can do where you are too, and I will be sure to give you the information you need to accomplish your goals organically.