I like coconut milk in a can just fine. Making my own I like even better. It is the easiest, fastest thing in the world to make, and the texture of it is really smooth and creamy.

It is far less expensive than buying it at the store, and you have to deal with the BPA in the cans it comes in. I haven’t seen a brand on the market that comes in the boxes or in glass jars yet.

Coconut milk is a great replacement for regular milk for almost everything you use regular milk for, and you get the added health benefits of the medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid it provides.



Heat the water until just before it boils. If you take it too far let it cool down before continuing.

Add the water and the shredded coconut to the blender. Don’t overfill the blender – if all of the water doesn’t fit use half at a time.

Blend on high until thick and creamy – this should take several minutes.

Strain through a fine mesh colander or strainer first, and then put the pulp in a nut bag, some cheesecloth or in a clean kitchen towel and squeeze to get all the milk out and just leave behind the pulp of the coconut.

If you couldn’t get all the water in the first batch, put the squeezed out coconut pulp back in the blender, add the rest of the water and blend again for several minutes and repeat the straining process.

You can add flavoring to your milk if you like. I like a fresh pitted date or two, cocoa powder or vanilla. I would not recommend fresh fruit as flavoring unless you plan to use it right away.

This is also the base for my homemade coconut shampoo.