Organic Graham crackers. Really!

I discovered Brandless by mistake on Facebook, and it took me awhile to place my first order. I was skeptical about a company that sells organic and non-GMO food and other products for $3.00 per item. That’s what I said. $3.00 per item. The idea is that if the brand names are taken off the products it eliminates a lot of what makes the item pricey, including distribution costs, retailer mark-ups and marketing costs and a whole lot of other expenses that make not only most food items too expensive, but forget about organic, sustainable and beneficial-for-you products.

Brandless uses what they call a “category-by-category” approach to what consumers say they want in the items they buy, be it consumables or non-consumables, and call that their “Just What Matters” philosophy, which they put together with a “Putting People First” approach.  All purchases contribute to donated meals for the under-served while they are making whole and healthy foods available to all. What isn’t to love about that?

If having access to organic food and products for a more than fair price doesn’t excite you, check out the company and watch the videos and see what they’re doing, who they are donating to and how they are creating in communities. I’m pretty sure you would have to be in a coma to not recognize what a a great thing Brandlessis. Try any of the cleaning products, compostable paper and paperless paper products or even personal care products, then compare them to your favorite brands.

Click here to go to Brandless, and be sure to let them know that Tracy LoBue  from recommended Brandless and you will get $6.00 off your first order of $39.00 or more, including free shipping. How can you afford not to?

Be sure to leave a comment about what you bought and what you think, and be sure to share with your friends. If we want to build strong communities based on great, solid and sustainable and organic ideas, we need to share with each other to effect change. I think Brandless is a great place to start, and I think after you try it, you will too.